Footage shows man performing CPR on a dog and saving its life.

The weather is changing, as things are getting hotter. When people and animals get overheated, anything can happen.

What some people may not realize is the impact the heat can have on animals. Easily, dogs are the number one favorite pet in America.

As a result, most people have dogs as either pets or a support animal.

So much of the news, these days, is far from positive. In this current period of time, there are mostly news stories of people going out of their way to harm others.

The other side of this, unfortunately, is that some people are maybe not as in tune with their pets’ needs as they should be.

However, this bit of news is a huge breath of fresh air. Random acts of kindness always tend to warm the heart.

A woman was walking her dog, when suddenly her pet collapsed. They were walking outside in a public park, when the dog lost consciousness. This was definitely a terrifying situation for the woman and her pet.

Thankfully, one man’s quick thinking saved the day.

While the dog was on the ground, the man ran over to the dog and began performing CPR on the pet. As a result, the dog regained consciousness, and seemed to be ok

This good samaritan’s actions definitely saved the dog.


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