An injured puppy was found alone wandering the streets with an apparent injury.

The puppy’s face was covered in dirt and blood. Fortunately, local residents called an animal rescue group for help. Thanks to animal rights activists, the dog is unrecognizable in the best way!

Last week, the team at Animal Aid Unlimited published a video featuring the pup, who has since been named Banny.

The poor puppy had crawled into the corner of a house on the day of his rescue.

What exactly had happened to him, unfortunately remains unknown.

But when one of the animal welfare workers tried to touch him, he found that the small pup was so scared, that he stopped moving.

According to the video’s caption, “Banny was trembling in pain from a wound on his head.”

Gently, the man is then seen lifting the poor creature into a basket and then carries the pup to a car.

The animal welfare workers drove him to the care center, where several doctors treated the pup with medication and much more.

“In this condition, quiet, safety, good food and rest was most important to his healing. “

“The swelling soon subsided, his appetite was great, and he felt so much better,” the animal rescue workers added in the caption.

After a few weeks, the brave doggo seemed like a new and improved pup!

In the video of the rescue, Banny can be seen joyfully romping around the Animal Aid Unlimited facility, playing with other pups and the staff.

His wounds are almost completely healed, and he seems happy to be petted by his rescuers and to play with the other dogs.

Banny is now hoping to find a loving fur-ever home!


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