The internet has been left in hysterics by a puppy sending her new owners into a frenzy when she hid under the backseat of the car, leading them to fear they’d lost her after just one hour.

TikTok user Shawntae Lashay (@themayesway) shared the hilarious clip as she and another woman searched the car for their new black puppy, named Indica.

While they scoured frantically, the clip shows Indica’s tiny head peering out from underneath the backseat.

Fortunately, the new owners were able to see the funny side of what happened, as the caption alongside the video reads: “1 hour of having a new dog gone wrong.”


@themayesway 1 hour of having a new dog GONE WRONG..😂😂😂 #dog #puppy #funnyvideos #lost #car ♬ original sound – Shawntae Lashay
@themayesway Part 2 after discovering where the dog was hiding..INDICA IS A HAND FULL..We were suppose to b going to dinner and somehow ended up buying a dog 😂😂STILL 1 HOUR AFTER BUYING THE DOG🤦🏾🤦🏾#dog #puppy #funnyvideos #lost #car #fypシ ♬ original sound – Shawntae Lashay

There are a number of reasons why a dog might hide somewhere, and it could be down to fear or perhaps they’ve done something they shouldn’t have done.

The American Kennel Club says dogs might often hide under beds or under tables if they can hear loud noises, such as fireworks, or storms.

Depending on where they appear to be hiding, they might be scavenging for food or scraps, or they might have got hold of something they know they aren’t supposed to have.

Dogs will often hide away to eat or chew this item to avoid being caught.

For some dogs, hiding provides sanctity when they can sense a change in their environment. If they’re used to a quiet home and suddenly their house is filled with new people, they might go somewhere quiet to hide away from the chaos.

Hiding is generally a dog’s way of finding a safe place away from things they don’t like or understand.

Despite the early panic that Lashay might have lost her new dog within an hour of owning her, the fear turned into relief as both women in the video could barely contain their laughter.

Since the viral video was posted on TikTok, many users have demanded that Lashay post more content of Indica to get a better look at the adorable, but somewhat mischievous, pup.

She has also shared follow-up videos revealing how they managed to get the tiny dog out from underneath the seat, and it certainly didn’t look all too easy.

@themayesway Replying to @Layomi ♬ Spoiled! – Sabby Sousa

The video of Indica hiding has gathered over 19,000 comments from highly bemused TikTok users who can’t believe the chaos that the dog managed to cause so quickly.

One comment reads: “The person recording has me weak.”

Another person wrote: “That dog poked its head out like, shh why you snitching?”

One TikToker commented on the video: “Omg I can’t breathe either, this gets funnier the more you watch it. I needed this laugh, thank you so much.”

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