Everyone always says how independent cats are and that they can be left alone by themselves with no worries. Welp, this video proves otherwise. 

Take a look at what happened when TikTok user @Mylo_the_mouser videotaped what her kitten did when she left the house. 


Brb never leaving again 🥹

♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

Gasp, How dare she? The little guy looks so sad! Plus, did you notice how it looked like he was panting? That’s a sign of stress in cats.

TikTok users are heartbroken for the little kitten and @Oickles comments, “Ahh sweetie is breathing so fast.” @Kim adds, “Get him a companion. He seems stressed when you leave.” Getting your kitten their own kitten to keep them company can make your kitten feel less alone.

@Mandy advises “Aww you’ll be ok precious one. What I do when I’m leaving home I put the radio in way of company for my cat/kitten.” This is all good advice. 

Other ways you can make your kitten feel less alone is by leaving the TV or radio on playing softly, provide interactive toys and puzzle feeders, leave an item with your scent, like an unwashed T-shirt, in your new kitten’s bed and if possible ask a friend to stop by to check on your kitten and provide affection and companionship. 

Or, you know, adopt your kitten a kitten! Because we all know, two cats are better – and more adorable- than one! 

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