A social media video of a dog looking forlorn after being told that he has to leave his grandmother’s house has brought laughs online.

The TikTok post showed Moose, a cockapoo, looking down after being told that he had to leave his grandma’s home soon after spending the day there.

Moose has a close bond with his grandmother, who, according to the dog’s owner, showers him with treats and lets him sleep all day.

The video’s creator said that Moose “didn’t want to leave” when she came to collect him from his grandma’s house and that he was enjoying his lazy day there.

The caption on the video reads: “Grandma’s house is the best.”


@moosethecockapoo_ Grandma’s house is the best ❤️#dogsoftiktok #fyp #petsoftiktok #funnydog #dog #grandmasoftiktok ♬ original sound – Bethany Bibi

Some kids may get off the hook by visiting their grandparents’ home, where they can throw all parental rules out the window and enjoy the day doing very little.

Moose’s experience at his grandmother’s home looks to have been no different. The TikTok-famous cockapoo, who is described as a “rascal” in the account’s biography, appears to have had a very relaxing stay at the house.

Cockapoos are a crossbreed that originated in the U.S. They are bred from poodles and cocker spaniels, and miniature poodles are typically preferred for this use.

The energetic crossbreed is known to exhibit some of the best traits from each of the breeds, which makes them a well-adjusted family dog with a long life expectancy of up to 15 years.

Since it was shared to the platform on May 26 by @MooseTheCockapoo, the TikTok post has been liked by more than 50,000 users and commented on over 100 times.

Most of the commenters gushed about Moose’s attachment to his grandmother.

“That dog knows she is on holiday for a week,” one user wrote.

“Same with my Goldendoodle,” another commenter added.

“That’s too funny, I had the same look the other day I was just back from 3 weeks abroad,” said another user.

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