The absolute heartbreak of losing a beloved pet is something that is indescribable. When one of your fur babies passes it’s almost impossible to believe your grief will ever subside.

The pets that share our homes also grieve in the same way, especially when its one of their own children who crosses to the Rainbow Bridge. 

Watch the following heartbreaking video posted by @Amielynnsm of her beautiful cat needing comfort and you should probably get your Kleenex ready. 


@amielynnsm like this vid if i should get momma a kitten🥹🫶 #seniorcat #catcall #fyp ♬ the winner takes it all – november ultra

The images of this poor mama cat and her son are just so heartbreaking. You can tell how much she loved him. TikTok users are so sad over this touching clip and @Samantha sadly comments, “No parent should have to lose their child.”

@Motherofcats adds, “Incredible how we as humans can also feel the grief of our animals after something so traumatic… I’m so sorry for her and your loss.”

@KB says, “I’m so sorry. They were so precious together. I’m glad she can console in you though. Sending love.” @Ky replies, “How lucky is she to have such an attentive and caring owner.” 

If you are helping your own pet mourn the loss of their sibling or child or even another animal that lived in the home, you can help the process by providing them extra love and affection, spending additional time playing with them, and when you feel like you are ready, considering adopting another cat to keep them company. 

It’s so sad when we lose a pet, and even sadder when the other pets that loved them are mourning alongside us.

We are so sorry for your loss, sweet mamma. 

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