A beautiful orange cat named Nala was abandoned as a kitten and was suffering from anxiety and PTSD.

Her owners decided they could help her acclimate to her new home by getting her an emotional support kitten of her very own. 

The TikTok account for @nala_meets_world shows how adopting a kitten for their cat helped their cat Nala learn how to trust again. 


@nala_meets_world Emotional support kittens can be for cats too 🥹🩷 #kitten #orangecat #gingercats #straycat #reascuecat #anxiouscat ♬ Lights Are On (Instrumental) – Edith Whiskers

TikTok users adore this adorable pair, and @Pocha comments, “She’s healing her inner kitten.”

@Maple adds, “I did this for my first cat as she had anxiety and she has changed so much! She is far more relaxed and loves her sister so much.”

@Snow White adds, “Poor baby. So glad she has the new kitten to nurture.” 

Getting a kitten for your cat can help your fearful cat adjust to their new home because on occasion the older cat will focus on the kitten, instead of focusing solely on the stress or unfamiliarity of the new home.

The older cat may become interested in observing and interacting with the playful behavior of the kitten, thus distracting him from the stress he may be feeling. 

It’s important to note that the success of introducing a kitten to an older cat depends on the unique personalities of the individual cats involved.

Some older cats may not appreciate the presence of a young and energetic kitten and may become stressed or agitated. You may be able to introduce your cat to a kitten before adopting, or slowly get them accustomed to one another before committing to taking in another cat. If you have questions, consult your veterinarian. 

We are so happy getting an emotional support kitten worked out so well for Nala! 

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