A heroic dog has died after saving four children from being mauled by a Rottweiler.

The incident took place on a rural property in Linhares, Brazil, on 25th May.

According to the hero dog’s owner, Aderaldo Bergamo, the Rottweiler belongs to a neighbour and has previously attacked other people.

The Pinscher, named Bili, was killed while trying to protect four children, aged between three and seven, from the dangerous dog.

Picture shows Pinscher Billi, undated. He died while saving children aged between three and seven, from an attack by a Rottweiler in Linhares, Brazil, on Thursday, May 25, 2023. (Newsflash)
One-year-old Pinscher Bili leapt to the children’s defense when a neighbor’s dog started to attack them (Picture: Newsflash)

Aderaldo said its owner, who owns a property close to his, lets the Rottweiler roam freely and it often appears on his land.

He told local media: ‘He belongs to the neighbour. The properties are large, and the children end up playing in different places.

‘The neighbour’s dog wanders everywhere, always unchained. He has bitten about four or five people.

‘And this time, the children were playing in my garden when the Rottweiler arrived very agitated.’

Bili eventually succumbed to his injuries but died a hero (Pictures: Newsflash)
Bili eventually succumbed to his injuries but died a hero (Pictures: Newsflash)

Aderaldo went on: ‘Bili was playing with the children. But when Bili saw the dog approaching the children, he attacked the dog with endless courage.

‘While Bili was being attacked by the other dog, the children’s parents came out to rescue them. He (Bili) gave his life to save the children; he was a great hero.

‘It’s a very sad story. I’ve warned the neighbour so many times to be careful with that dog.’

The Pinscher, who had been with Aderaldo’s family for a year, was taken to a vet but suffered a fatal cardiac arrest due to the injuries it received.

Aderaldo said: ‘Bili ended up dying. There was no money, nothing we could do because the injuries were severe.’

He also told local media of the pain of telling his four-year-old daughter that Bili had died.

Aderaldo said: ‘She’s already missing him… We’re already trying to get another dog and give it the same name.’

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