Watching animals bond can be a truly magical experience, regardless of their species. In fact, interspecies friendships might be even more special! 

If you need any proof, look no further than @thecre8ivechick‘s four-legged friends.

Her sweet Great Dane is best friends with one of her mini horses, and their love for one another could put a smile on anyone’s face–mine included.

It is so amazing to see animals from different species getting along so well.

They clearly love each other so much!


@thecre8ivechick #onthisday Skye the Great Dane and Hot Fudge Sundae the Mini Horse ❤️ are the reason we're here. #minihorse #dog #greatdane #minihorsesoftiktok #greatdanesoftiktok #bestfriendsforever #throwbackthursday ♬ original sound – The Cre8ive Chick

Great Danes are considered ‘gentle giants,’ so it’s easy to see why this graceful gal makes friends with everyone. We’d love to be her friend, too!

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