A young French bulldog in Florida bit off more than she could chew after getting her paw stuck in a kitchen drain during bath time.

The 6-month-old puppy was eventually rescued by the Palm Beach County Florida firefighting team.

Authorities were called to the home on Wednesday, June 1, 2023. Two different groups of firefighters worked together to free the dog from the drain.

The firefighters also shared the entire rescue process on Facebook and Instagram.

The team explained, “A shift was called to the 2000 block of Haverhill Rd in unincorporated West Palm Beach this evening to assist ‘Cookie.’ She is 6-month-old Frenchie that got her paw stuck in the kitchen sink drain while getting a bath.”

The team added, “#Station36 worked diligently to first remove the drain from the sink. Then #SpecialOperations34 arrived and used their tools to cautiously cut the remaining metal from around the paw.”

In conclusion, “The entire extrication took over an hour. After being freed from the drain, the paw was bandaged and ‘Cookie’ was taken by her family to an animal hospital for further treatment.”

You can watch the rescue in the video below!


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