“Never underestimate a little girl’s love for her dogs.”

If you have ever been a dog owner then you know one of your biggest fears is losing your pup. Whether they are well trained and know recall well or not, the thought of them running off and not being able to find their way back to you is horrifying.

That feeling of your heart sinking when you can’t see them anymore and they aren’t coming when you call them. It’s brutal. The panic slowly but torturously creeps up on you until you realize your nightmare has come true, your dog is lost. 

Anything can happen when a dog gets lost. They could thrive in the wild and turn up a couple hours later or they could get hurt.

They could be lost for days, months, even years before they find their way home. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, someone finds them, sees their tags and calls you to come get them.

The entire time you can’t relax your jaw, you shoulders are in a constant knot, and your heart feels like it’s trying to climb out of your throat.

So when you finally are reunited with your beloved four-legged friend, it is a feeling of relief unlike anything else. 

This is made very obvious in the video of this little girl finding her lost pup. You see the dog running towards her in the distance and when she realizes it’s her puppy, she goes running straight for her.

When they reunite, she scoops her up in relief, but cannot stop the tears from flowing.

The emotions from being reunited with someone you love SO much that you weren’t sure you were ever going to see again are overwhelming. The tears flow as she keeps saying to either herself or the dog that “I found you! She’s okay, she’s okay!” 

The pup and girl are so happy to be reunited they do not want to leave each other’s side after. The pup stays cuddled up to her in the car giving her kisses as she pours tears all over him in a tight embrace.

It’s so wholesome and heartwarming, you will most definitely be in tears. See for yourself below!


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