‘I’ve done a lot of impromptu cat rescues, but this one takes the cake for the scariest one.”

Wow, what a ride! When you rescue cats, usually the most adrenaline pumping thing is trying to save a feral cat.

You don’t really expect to be weaving through cars and trucks zooming at 60-70 mph to save an itty bitty kitten that you can’t even comprehend how you saw on the side of the road.

But here we are, with an amazing video of a person rescuing a kitten in just that way. 

The rescuer was already driving back from saving two other kittens.

Those kittens seemed to be a little traumatized, so they were making sure to drive a little slower than usually as to not freak them out.

If they had been driving at the usual speed limit, they might have missed a panicking furball on the side of the road.

Luckily, they were able to spot the impossible and the adrenaline started pumping immediately.

They took a minute to debate whether making an emergency pull over on a busy highway overpass was a good idea, but they couldn’t leave the kitten behind. 

And good thing they did, because in the few minutes they were out there on the terrifying highway over 100 cars passed them.

The kitten’s nails were so filed down and their loud meowing was starting to sound hoarse, so the kitten must have been out there for who knows how long and nobody had stopped for him yet. 

The kitten was a little spicy at first, probably because he was terrified with everything going on.

But the rescuer knew how to handle a little kitten spice and scooped him up by the scruff.

The sweet baby immediately calmed down the second they got into the car and luckily he was completely unharmed.


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The rescuer named him “Dodger” since he dodged so many cars and now he is living his best life as a foster kitten in their home. 

Sometimes you don’t think too long about these scary situations, but you fall into these heroic roles before you can even register how scary and dangerous is can be.

Kudos to this rescuer and everything they have done for Dodger. 

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