The minute you adopt or foster an animal, all their confusion and sadness melt away.

It’s actually quite beautiful because you can see how a simple gesture means the world to these animals.

That’s why we always stress the importance of adopting, not shopping. 

Slowly, but surely, they’ll get more and more comfortable in their new homes.

And soon enough they’ll give you all the love in the world. That’s what happened to TikTok user @voice4ocanimals_ and the 13-year-old dog she’s currently fostering.

Take a look! 


@voice4ocanimals_ Id be lying if i said i wasnt crying while making this!! 😂 Princess was dumped at the shelter by the only family she knew at 13 yrs old. She wasnt doing well and i was getting increasingly worried everytime i saw her. I decided to give her a “shelter break”, thinking it would only be a few days. Well turns out she needs surgery so now miss princess is my first foster 💗 My hope is to find her a loving home before i have to take her back to the shelter. Shes the sweetest girl, doesnt have a mean bone in her body! Ive kept her seperate from my pets because she has a cough but Princess was paired at the shelter – she is dog friendly! Unknown with cats. This old gal is HW+ and has a mammary mass but an amazing rescue has offered to help with medical expenses. She is located in orlando, Fl. If you cant adopt this sweet girl please share her 💖 an over crowded shelter is no place for a senior..or any dog for that matter but dont get me started 😭 #dontbullymybreed❤ #shelterdogsrock #seniordog #adoptdontshop #fyp #viral #rescuedog #adoptingsaveslives #dogsoftiktok #fosteringsaveslives ♬ Dandelions (slowed + reverb) – Ruth B. & sped up + slowed

Ugh, the tears won’t stop flowing. We’re so happy that Princess has become this comfortable on her “shelter break,” as the TikToker wrote in the caption.

Although, it’s been longer than just a few days out of the shelter. 

This senior dog is now the creator’s first foster dog. 

We wish more than anything that this TikToker could become a foster fail, but she said her other dogs aren’t too friendly and she has to keep them separate.  

Princess is currently located in Orlando. We’re hoping social

media works its magic once again so her forever family can adopt her quickly.

If you’re interested, but worried about the medical expenses, you’re in luck. The TikToker said a rescue has offered to help with the cost.

Yay! All that’s left to do is get this baby home! 

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