Two pit bulls at a Minnesota animal shelter went viral this week after one jumped over a wall to be reunited with her BFF, and the cuteness is just in time for National Best Friends Day.

Dogs Brenda and Linda were dropped off at the Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control shelter in Minneapolis on May 22. 

Workers at the shelter think Brenda, the brown one, is 4 and Linda is 7.

The pair were initially in separate kennels but before long, Brenda climbed up the wall separating them to be reunited with her best friend.

The dogs were dropped off after making their way into a local woman’s home. The woman kept them over the weekend and they grew to be pretty close during their stay, said Madison Weissenborn, volunteer coordinator at the shelter.

The dogs were initially put in the shelter’s restricted area to make sure they were healthy enough to join the general population.

Brenda was a little bit more outgoing and confident, while Linda took a little while to feel safe at the shelter, Weissenborn said. Brenda was moved to the adoption floor first and then Linda followed suit.

“Once we moved them up to the adoption floor, we were able to find two kennels next to each other,” she said. “Within minutes, (Brenda) was like ‘There’s my girl’ and jumped over,” Weissenborn said.

In the short clip, Brenda the brown pit bull jumps up onto a wall and uses her paws to pull herself over and leap down into her friend’s kennel.

Once they’re together again, the pair run around the small space and head to the back of the kennel, seemingly to play and rejoice at being reunited.

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Staffers initially thought there was a mistake

Weissenborn and a coworker were walking through the building handing out treats when they approached Linda’s kennel to find both Brenda and Linda waiting for some snacks.

They initially thought someone had accidentally put the dogs together. They checked the security footage and that’s when they saw what really went down: Brenda just missed her girl.

“This is going to brighten everyone’s day,” Weissenborn thought before sharing the clip with volunteers and eventually online.

The dogs were together for about an hour before the team found them. Eventually, they moved to a bigger kennel where they could stay together until they were adopted.

Typically dogs at the shelter get their own space so they have room to move around, play, sleep and do whatever else their heart desires until they find their forever homes, staff said.

When they were reunited, all they did was play together.

“You can just see them frolicking together, so we were like ‘Alright, they’re so happy and we can’t separate them,’” Weissenborn said. 

When she posted the video, her goal was to let folks know the dogs were up for adoption and clearly didn’t want to be separated.

The video and news articles that followed led one woman to come in and adopt the pair together.


On Tuesday, the dogs were adopted by a woman who recently lost her own dog. The woman saw Brenda’s personality shine on-screen, saw her determination to get to Linda and she knew she had to take them home together.

“It was truly like love at first sight,” Weissenborn said. “Brenda went right up to the female and Linda went right up to the male and they were like ‘Alright … package them up. Let’s go.’ It was meant to be.”

On Tuesday, the shelter announced their adoption online, calling their journey “Mission Impawsible.”

The canine besties will still be local and stay in Minneapolis.

“Pitties are notorious for having the zoomies and being active and sweet little things, so we just were worried that somebody might not be able to commit to two,” Weissenborn said.

“The first thing on Tuesday morning, somebody was here for them.”

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