This little kitten used up one of its nine lives after an “extraordinary rescue” saved it from a tragic fate after being stuck in a trash compactor for days.

The kitty, who has since been named Biff, almost got crushed in a recycling container in Liverpool, UK.

Luckily, as per the BBC, the facility staff heard the cat’s calls coming and went to investigate.

Through a tiny hole in the container, they saw the face of Biff’s mama cat and heard the kitten’s tiny meows behind her.

They called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) and the rescue mission began.

The cardboard had become so tightly packed that it had to be removed by hand.

On the first day, they worked five hours straight, but still couldn’t free the furry animals. It eventually took two days to rescue the felines.

The completely exhausted Moggy could be fed makeshift through a small hole.
The completely exhausted Moggy could be fed makeshift through a small hole.  © RSPCA

Kitten’s “extraordinary” rescue

By the time rescuers reached the kitten, his mother had managed to get herself out and flee. But Biff was amazingly alive and well, despite having likely spent days stuck in that horrific environment.

“It was the most extraordinary rescue I have taken part in, in 21 years with the RSPCA. I don’t know how the cats managed to survive,” RSPCA Inspector Vicki Brooks, who helped rescue the kitten, told the BBC.

“There was tons of cardboard packed tightly up to the ceiling of the container and no room for them to move. It was incredibly hot and there would have been limited air.”

The RSPCA thinks that the mama cat crawled into the container to give birth and then got stuck as more cardboard got piled in.

The kitten is now recovering at a shelter and reportedly putting on weight nicely.

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