Scary stuff, even with the glass in between them. You can take the bear out of the wild, but not the wild out of the bear.

Polar bears are natural born killers. Not only that, but they also thrive in the harshest elements of the world.

They are massive beasts that can weigh over 1,700 pounds, while standing 11 feet tall in some cases – and of course they’re are nearly as white as the snow around them.

They are apex predators, meaning there’s nothing that preys on them. They primarily live off of seals but will eat and kill anything they can given they live in a harsh place.

These vicious predators use their size, strength, powerful jaws and claws to take out anything in their way.

So naturally this is not the animal you want lunging at your child – even if it is at a zoo.

In this video, a kid is seen excitedly running up to the glass in a zoo where a polar bear is playing in the water having a swim.

The polar bear takes a hard look at the kid for a few seconds and then decides he looks good. The bear lunges straight for the glass as hard as it can coming to a full stop as it hits.

The kid knows the bears intentions and runs away from the glass as the people around all giggle and murmur in shock.

That’s your moneys worth at the zoo right there…


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