A soccer match between Chile and Venezuela’s national women’s team halted for the best reason possible—a puppy ran onto the pitch and demanded belly rubs from the players.

The adorable pup won the hearts of the players and the fans in the stadium as they cheered it on. The match was held at La Granja stadium in Curicó in Chile when the black puppy made a cameo appearance in the 36th minute.

The dog ran straight for the Chilean goalkeeper and rolled onto its back, demanding belly rubs. The goalie gladly obliged as the pup rolled around excitedly.

The referee brought the match to a halt and then tried to engage the puppy with some belly rubs to get it off the field, reported HuffPost.

As a Chilean player tried to pick up the black puppy to usher it out of the pitch, a steward joined her in the hope of getting the dog to run to the touchline, but it wasn’t having any of it and made a dash toward the center of the field.

Another player by the halfway line opened her arms, inviting the puppy to run to her, but the dog was too wise for that and made a sideways dash as the fans roared in approval.

The excited puppy was enjoying itself as it stretched its legs and ran around the vast green pitch before heading out of the field.

The puppy then ran back on again and lay down, demanding belly rubs in front of another Chile player, who then lifted it up and handed it over to a steward who carried the dog off the field to a loud cheer.


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