Boomer the Pit Bull may be one of the friendliest dogs ever, because he invited a neighborhood animal in for a sleepover and then spent all night licking it. Which is how everyone should treat their friends. 

The TikTok account belonging to @Nicole.rich33 posted the following hilarious video of her Pit Bull’s slumber party guest and no, this isn’t the first time this pup has invited this type of friend over for a sleep over. 


@nicole.rich33 Does anyone else’s dog bring opposums in the house at night while youre sleeping? No? Just mine? #boomer #opposum #pittbull #playingdead @Autumn ♬ original sound – nicolerich

For those of you concerned about this little guy being dead, no fear! Here’s a following up video showing that this possum was indeed, just playing possum.

Her son heroically puts the little guy in a box using a broom (and smart! Because yeah, this possum could potentially bite someone if frightened) and bringing him outside. 


@nicole.rich33 Part 2 of when your dog brings a opposum in the house. Luckily my son came to the rescue. Opposum was not harmed….only licked to death by our pittbull all night. #boomer #opposum #pittbull #playingdead @Autumn ♬ original sound – nicolerich

We aren’t sure, but it may be time for mom to consider getting Boomer a more appropriate friend, like a dog of his own to share couch space with.

Maybe then he’d stop bringing home strays off the street! 

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