Maine Coon Cats have been all the rage recently as social media is showing people just how big these fur babies truly get.

Owners will post videos that show off their cats’ giant size and weight, which always makes us believe that these cats aren’t even real. LOL!  

Since these precious cats are so unique, people are wanting their own. But before you go out and get one, take a look at this clip from TikTok user @maxiecoon.

This Maine Coon owner shares the bittersweet reality of the cat breed. 


@maxiecoon Realistic Reasons Not to Get a Maine Coon 💔😼 #catfacts #lifewithcats #mainecoonsoftiktok #maxiecoon ♬ money trees – 🍪

O.M.G. We had no idea cats could cost so much. So this video is basically telling us that you’ll get all the typical cat behavior but five times the costs.

That’s a no from us. LOL! This makes adopting sound more and more appealing. And who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to adopt a Maine Coon. 

“Always a reason to get one. I love my baby,” wrote @shadoweddeath. That’s what we think!

Yes, these babies are definitely pricey if you’re buying from a breeder, but having them as part of your family is always worth it. Even if that includes destroyed furniture and early wake-up calls. LOL!  

What other interesting facts is there to know about these gentle giants? Well, for starters, Maine Coon Cats are considered to be one of the oldest natural breeds in North America.

That’s so cool! These cats also require a ton of attention, which wouldn’t be an issue for us because they’re just too cute to not give them attention. LOL! They’re social, friendly, and quite trainable.

Sounds like the pros outweigh the negatives! 

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