After wandering with a plastic container stuck on its head for days, a coyote pup’s luck changed when someone contacted animal control. Without help from wildlife officials, the pup would not have survived.

The Newhouse Wildlife Rescue in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, the organization responsible for the coyote pup’s rescue, reported that the little canine had been struggling with the plastic container for two days, trying its hardest to free itself.

Sadly, however, it was unable to do so.

“This coyote pup was seen desperately trying to get a plastic container off his head,” they wrote in a Facebook post. “It was clear this pup was going to need some immediate help.”

With the help of Billerica & Tewksbury Animal Control and a local environmental police officer, rescuers found the terrified coyote and removed the container from his head.

Though the coyote pup was alive, it was clear he had been through an ordeal. To ensure his recovery, officials transported him to the Chelmsford-based rescue.

“The young pup was clearly in shock,” the wildlife rescue explained. “His gums were pale. He was a bit disoriented and dehydrated so we brought him back to the rescue for care.”

A highly social species with strong family ties, male coyote pups remain with their mothers for the first six to nine months of life, at which point they venture out on their own. Females remain with their mothers’ pack.

For the first month or two, pups are fully dependent on their mothers, who provide them with milk and semi-solid food. In a process similar to birds, coyote mothers eat and then regurgitate their food, making it easier for their pups to eat.

Coyote pup reunited with parents after medical care

This pup was fully weaned and capable of chewing and eating his own food. At just three months old, however, he was still dependent on his parents.

Three months of age is typically when a coyote pup goes on his or her first hunt with their mother. It’s possible that this little guy was exploring away from his den for the first time when he fell victim to litter.

The pup still had several more months of hunting with his mother before breaking out on his own. As such, it wouldn’t have been safe to release him into the wild without his parents.

Thankfully, the person who found the coyote pup also saw his parents.

When the pup was healthy enough to return to the wild, he was reunited with them. “This morning he is feeling much better,” the rescue said Wednesday. “The finder told us the pup’s parents are still around and where to find them. So he will be reunited with his family today.”

“It took a village, but this guy’s life was saved because of it,” the rescue added.

This coyote pup was incredibly lucky. Many animals who find themselves trapped in litter never find their way out again. Researchers estimate that over a million animals die annually from ingesting or becoming trapped in trash.

Though heartwarming, this rescue should also serve as a reminder to dispose of trash – particularly anything made of plastic – properly!

With containers, specifically, putting the lids back on before discarding them can help prevent life-threatening incidents such as this one.

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