For many people, ice cream trucks evoke happy memories of summers spent playing outside.

In fact, we can still recall the tinny tune of the Turkey in the Straw’ that our neighborhood ice cream truck blasted around 4 every afternoon.

For one precious English Bulldog, though, the ice cream truck couldn’t possibly be more exciting. 

@Zeusthebulldog2022 knows exactly what’s in store when he hears the ice cream truck down the street, and his TikTok fans can relate.

We are just so glad his mom got his snacky antics on camera!


@zeusthebulldog2022 each day he waits for the icecream van 🤣 #englishbulldog #fyp #bulldog #dog #foryoupage ♬ original sound – zeus
@zeusthebulldog2022 Hundreds of requests from my previous clip wanting to see him get his icecream, well, here he is, enjoy 😉 😍 #part2 #fyp #instagram #foryourpage #followme #englishbulldog #bulldog #foryoupage #summertime #icecream ♬ Yummy

Zeus is such a patient boy! We are so impressed by this dog’s ability to contain his excitement.

If that were my Siberian Husky seeing a treat-filled truck coming toward him, he’d be jumping over the gate! 

Still, this sweet little dog can’t help but let out a howl as the truck comes down the street. We are so glad he was finally able to enjoy his sweet treat.

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