A video of a French bulldog making a narrow escape after running into a street while a car passed by has gone viral.

The moment was captured in a clip posted by TikTok user @sohslick, which had 7.6 million views at the time of writing.

The video shows footage from a Ring security camera that was taken on June 20.

The clip shows the dog owner walking across the driveway of a home, while his dog Boca is seen running past him and onto the street, presumably heading towards another dog on the other side of the road.

The video shows Boca vanish underneath the car as the vehicle runs over him. He reappears a split second later before running back towards the house as the footage ends.


@sohslick I shouldve named him Thanos. I got a cat in a frenchbulldog suit. He might be a crackhead. How he just be playing with being unalive #frenchbulldog #fyp #petsoftiktok #pet #car #caraccident #wtf #bmw #imstillalive ♬ original sound – wowzers.

According to a caption shared in a subsequent video showing the dog running around inside a house, Boca is “alive and too well.”

This pup is so lucky to be alive and not badly injured!

@sohslick Replying to @4theloveofshay ♬ original sound – D$

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