Being in the right place at the right time can sometimes be a lifesaver. One man on a beach in Hawaii learned this when he spotted a sea turtle stuck on the coastal rocks. Luckily, he quickly sprang into action.

A 45-second clip posted to Reddit shows the dramatic rescue, as the man struggles a bit to free the turtle before finally being able to save it.

Waves break on the sea turtle, who seems to have been trapped between two rocks and is desperately waving its flippers. “Come on, get out,” the man can be heard saying as he approaches the animal and lifts it by its sides.

Things seem to go sideways for a moment as the turtle slips deeper in between the rocks. Not giving up, the man then boosts it from below, and the turtle gets to climb the rock before happily swimming off into the sea.

Since adult sea turtles can weigh between 73 to 110 lbs, the man is definitely putting in a lot of effort to release the turtle.

As if the heaviness of the creature didn’t complicate the rescue enough, wet beach rocks are notoriously slippery. However, the man manages to stay safe and on his feet by looking up to check for any incoming waves.

Shared in the aptly titled Humans Being Bros subreddit by user westcoastcdn19, the video has amassed over 25,000 upvotes and the gratitude of every animal lover.

“Thanks for not giving up on it!” says one Redditor. Ultimately, the video is a reminder that one good deed can end up saving a life.


Sea turtle rescue (Hawaii)
by u/westcoastcdn19 in HumansBeingBros

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