Twenty dogs saved from slaughter in China’s meat trade arrived at a new kennel at LAX for international rescues on Tuesday.

Rue’s Kennel is the first airport animal care center in the country. The new facility partnered with the nonprofti China Rescue Dogs to bring the four-legged miracles to California.

The rescues joined organizers at the kennel’s ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday.

Sixteen golden retrievers, two corgis, 1 poodle and 1 malamute were all smiles for the event, but it was quite the journey for them. Some of them were rescued from breeding farms and trucks headed to the butcher.

In China, it is legal to eat and sell dog meat, but it is not widespread, according to the Asia Society.

“Sadly, people look at these dogs and think how someone could actually brutalize. It’s one thing to eat and consume an animal. That’s not the case in China. They believe the more torture they ensue on the animal, the more meat is tenderized,” said Jill Stewart, the president and co-founder of China Rescue Dogs.

Tibetan monks from Long Beach spoke blessings over the rescues.

“This is compassion. These animals would have suffered a very gruesome fate,” said Mayor James Butts of Inglewood.

“We are so happy to have our new residents and these animals will live happy and productive lives. We’re grateful for that.”

Since 2019, China Rescue Dogs has saved more 2,000 canines thanks to large and small donations.

The dogs that arrived at LAX will be adopted to loving families in California and across the U.S.


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