When you live in bear country, black bear encounters aren’t that surprising. Still, they can be incredibly scary–especially when other animals are involved. 

We can only imagine how farm owners Crystal and Brandon Walls felt as they watched their precious pet pig, Barbie-Q, stand face-to-face with a black bear.

The rest of the animals ran from the intruder, but the brave pig had a different plan. As the proud pig owners told CTV Newsthey were “shocked” to see what happened as the animals squared off. 


@ctvnews A heroic pig named Barbie Q defended her fellow farm animals from a bear, an act her owner says is an inspiration. #pig #beat #animals #wildanimals #caughtoncamera #securitycamera #inspiration #canada #watch ♬ original sound – CTVNews

OMG! Our hearts were pounding as we watched Barbie emerge from her enclosure and lazily approach the bear.

So many bad things could’ve happened, but the curious bear was easily spooked. Although we do have to admit–the way the black bear sat down and waved was so cute!

As much as we’d like to think that the wild animal was waving hello, the bear was actually showing submission to the brave pig.

Sitting down is a submissive signal in bear body language, so it’s n to surprising that the animal retreated just moments after. The paw-waving may have been an attempt at intimidation, but the smart bear knew it wasn’t worth the fight. Phew!

So many viewers complimented Barbie for her bravery, though, as @happy.mask.dystopia explained, protecting their loved ones is just what pigs do. 

She wrote, “pigs are territorial so they’ll fight if someone messes with their family, LOL.” That makes so much sense! Barbie was ready to throw down once she woke up a bit, and in doing so she protected her whole farm family. 

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