A noisy kitten was rescued after it got stuck inside an underground electrical pipe, according to a California nonprofit.

A construction worker called the San Diego Humane Society after they heard “loud meowing” on Monday, June 26, but could not figure out where the cries for help were coming from, the nonprofit said in a series of posts on Twitter.

The nonprofit said one of its humane officers determined the “kitten was trapped around a corner in a large electrical pipe in the ground.”

First, the officer tried to tempt the 8-week-old feline out using a snare attached with “tools coated in wet cat food but couldn’t reach the cat,” according to the nonprofit.

The rescue then moved underground after officers called the county’s fire department and utility company for help, the nonprofit said.

Utility company workers “entered the pit,” the nonprofit said, while firefighters “ran a small hose into the other end of the pipe.” The nonprofit said the water worked to “gently slide the kitten out” towards an awaiting humane officer who “placed him safely into a carrier.”

“Though wet and dirty, he thankfully appeared uninjured,” the nonprofit said. The nonprofit said it took the kitten, who was named Cactus after the “street he was found on,” for “a full check up.”

The affectionate kitten “is doing well” and already has a new home lined up, according to the nonprofit. “Some of Cactus’s rescuers found a soft spot for the vocal little kitten,” the nonprofit said.

Once he’s ready for adoption, Cactus will have a home as a station cat with the firefighters that helped with his rescue, the nonprofit said.

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