You know, normally, we’re not very envious, but when it comes to some people, ohhh, we turn green with jealousy. It’s those people- those annoying people on the internet who get to live our dream of being best friends with big cats.

We love them and hate them at the same time. Because we want to be them. We too want to become part of a lion pride.

We too want to raise a cheetah and become best friends with it. We too want to go around and boop the snoot of a whole bunch of wild cats. 

And the same goes for today – we are jealous. This woman who is just… chilling with this white lion, rubbing it, petting it, playing with its fur… oh yeah, we’re jealous, but we watch anyway, and we are thankful to her for posting these videos, because now, we can attempt to at least live our dreams vicariously through her.   


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