On June 22, 2023, an adorable rescue mission took place. A stranger noticed that a trash bag in a dumpster in Austin, Texas, was wriggling and decided to investigate.

Thank goodness they did because it was filled with eight puppies.

The adorable furballs were in critical condition when found. It is believed that they were only a couple days old and had been dumped that day.

One unfortunately died, but their seven siblings are expected to recover. Local rescue group Austin Pets Alive! worked hard for this mostly positive outcome.

Ellen Jefferson, president of Austin Pets Alive! spoke to FOX 7 Austin about the scary situation.

She said: “We received a call that a Good Samaritan had brought in a litter of puppies that were found in a garbage bag right next to a dumpster.

They probably saw them writhing around in the bag and did something, and that is huge.” The puppies were extremely hot and hypoglycemic when found.

Ellen is nonjudgmental about the person who put the helpless animals in this horrible position. “I try to have empathy for the person that did that,” she noted.

“They must have been in a really bad situation to feel like that was their only course of action, but it is heartbreaking, and it’s just not acceptable. It’s cruel to the animals and there are other options out there.”

The next step in the puppies’ continued journey is to find foster homes for them all. Sanaz Mozafarian has already stepped up to take care of three of them. “We know that our community really cares, and it’s not just on the animal shelter to solve problems like this,” Ellen gushed.

“We can connect the dots and help somebody who wants to help these little babies survive and go on to live wonderful lives. That’s a win-win.”

To learn more about this case of rescued pups and how you can help, WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:

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