Four years ago, Amy Williams and her husband noticed several raccoons who would come to eat the food they put out for the stray cats in their neighborhood.

Most of the raccoons just ate their food and left — with one exception.

“This mama raccoon was not shy and would come right up to our back porch and stand on her hind legs as if begging,” Williams explains. “I noticed her one eye was either injured or had never formed or something, so she was easy to identify. It wasn’t long before she showed up one night with four babies!”

The mama raccoon started bringing her babies by all the time. When winter came, she stopped coming around, and Williams wondered if she’d ever see her again.

Then spring came, and just like that, the one-eyed mama raccoon was back with five new babies. In the third year, the mama raccoon appeared with two new babies, and this year, Williams was eager to meet the new babies when the little family finally stopped by once again.

This year, however, there was huge surprise in store.

“My husband and I were on the back porch, and I saw Mama come out of the woods like normal, and then came the three babies one by one … we were shocked,” Williams said.

And following along behind their mom were three albino baby raccoons.

Amy Williams

Williams and her husband were speechless. They’d never seen an albino raccoon before, let alone three. They expected the mama raccoon to bring them her babies as usual, but instead, she brought them a miracle.


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“From what I’ve read, one albino baby raccoon is about 1 in 500,000 to 750,000, and three in one litter is 1 in 10 million,” Williams said. “If it’s that rare, I’m so happy to be sharing it with people!”Amy Williams

Williams called around to some experts to make sure that the mama raccoon and her very rare babies were OK being on their own. Luckily, they all seem to be doing just fine.

Williams and her family had their doubts that the mama raccoon would make it all this time because of her one eye, but she has, and now her new babies are just as amazing as she is.

You can follow the raccoons on TikTok

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