A lot of us agree that it would be so great if dogs could talk, especially when we are almost positive we know what their actions are saying.

When you adopt a shelter dog you have certain non-verbal cues that they are happy to be in their forever home, but we sure do wish they could tell us sometimes. 

One person who doesn’t need her shelter dog to tell her how he’s feeling is TikTok user @Mfccatalinawinemixer. In this case, actions really do speak louder than words.


@mfccatalinawinemixer #shelterdog #shelterescue #dogsoftiktok #shelterdogs #rescuepups ♬ original sound – Amadarieta

Just look at how this precious angel holds on to his mama with his paw! You can tell how happy he is to be with her! 

If you are looking for a dog, this just proves how much joy these babies can bring to your life and how so many of them are so grateful to have an owner who will love and treasure them.

Contact your local Humane Society or animal control to see how you can bring a shelter dog into your life. 

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