Abandoned doggos truly make us feel like a bunch of sick puppies, but this paw-fect hooman truly turned our frowns upside down.

Let me tell you a tail; in this miraculously moving video of a pregnant mamma being saved in an un-fur-tunate snow storm, our faith in humanity has paw-sitvely been restored.

This beautiful beagle was on the cusp of labor in almost negative degree weather, when a fur-ever family took her in to deliver her five precious pups. In a sudden turn of events, two of the premature pooches got stuck inside their brave mama, but managed to weasel their way out into doggie daylight.

These tiny fur-babies proved they had more than just a “ruff” start to life; they had a fighting spirit that would make any dog lover’s heart melt.

Next time you’re feeling down and howling with despair, just remember that there are paw-some humans out there, like this one, who can turn things around and make tails wag with joy.


@schohariecats This sweet mama has delivered 5 healthy puppies. This little family has stolen our hearts. Mama will have everything she needs, her babies will never suffer and this will be mama’s last litter of puppies. This sweet girl is finally going to live the life she has always deserved! #dogrescue #puppyrescue #puppiesoftiktok #dogbirth #momdog #rescuedog #dogrescuestory #dogsoftiktok #animalrescue #animalrescuer #greenscreenvideo #greenscreen ♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

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