When Julie Salsich’s beloved Maltese/Yorkie mix was stolen a year ago in Maryland everyone told she needed to move on and stop hoping to see her pup again.

But thanks to the fact the dog was microchipped an animal control officer was able to return this adorable dog to his family. 

Fox5DC posted the following amazing reunion. 


Salsich explained in the video that Franklin had been her companion for the last seven years, and he was stolen when someone stole her car with Franklin in it.

The car was recovered about a week later, but her precious fur baby was nowhere to be found.

Miraculously, about a week ago Salsich received a text from the microchip company stating that Franklin had been found after the chip in his shoulder identified him. 

Salsich said she hysterically cried upon hearing the news that her pup had been found, and any dog parent can relate to how relived she must have felt.

She said that her prayers had been answered because the person who took her dog had been taking good care of him. Salsich says she hopes this encourages other pet owners to get their pets microchipped.

Even though Salsich says she will never know what Franklin went through all those months, all that matters is that he’s happy and healthy and back. 

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