If you love the movie “Bambi,” you’re in for a real treat!

Gabriel Spiegel of Ohio experienced a moment straight out of the beloved children’s classic right in his very own backyard.

A deer, who he named Ruby, has visited him on a few occasions at this point.

But on this particular day, she decided that a spot near his home would be the best place to give birth.

In a video capturing the moment, Mama Deer can be seen cleaning off her newborn, her tail wagging with excitement.

Next, we see that she was able to give birth to three adorable babies. But that’s not the only part of this story that makes it so much like “Bambi.”

After giving us a good view of the deer and her little ones, Gabriel shares another animal friend that was just off screen.

Off in the shade, seemingly keeping watch over this new family, was a giant, fluffy rabbit, just like the character Thumper!

Truly, what a magical moment to witness in your own backyard.


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