Everyone needs a good pep talk every now and then. That goes for doggos too. Perhaps especially for doggos who get an unfair bad rep.

A proud pit bull mama named Tiffney Ross recently went viral for the motivational speech she gave to her pup (whose name appears to be Dior, according to previous videos) just before heading out to doggy day care.

“Listen, before we leave, we gotta have that talk, okay?” Ross warns Dior, who is all smiles and tail wags.

“You a pit bull. Which means people are gonna label you a monster the minute you walk out the door,” Ross continues. “You can’t be out on these streets actin’ a fool like these chihuahuas, cause you don’t get no second chances. You always gotta be on your best behavior and I know that’s hard, okay?”

Ross then tells Dior that even though people might carry the false belief that she is born dangerous and avoid her out of fear, she cannot control the “ignorance” of others. All she can do is her best, “be humble and hold her head up high,” and know that she is “the most amazing dog in the whole entire world.”

Just before instructing Dior to grab her things to head out, Ross says,” I will do everything in my power to make sure that you make it to your third birthday, okay? Mamma loves you.”


@tiffneys.ross Have to have that talk with my baby🥰🥰 #bully #fypchallenge ♬ original sound – Kenisha bell

Fortunately, pit bulls are slowly but surely being released from their bad reputation, thanks to relentless advocates fighting to show just how sweet, friendly and even keeled they actually are. Not to mention goofy as heck.

And I mean, if there’s any doubt as to their innocence…just watch Dior. That is the face of a furry angel.

Be it humans or animals, made-up biases are harmful. But having someone in your corner can make all the difference.

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