Sometimes, when you rescue a kitten from the streets – a kitten who truly needed help, who wouldn’t have survived otherwise – and bring her into human life… the kittens don’t handle it very well.

And it’s not their fault. Growing up feral oftentimes means learning to be wary of humans. And that means that it’s not your fault either. The people who rescue kittens in need are doing the right thing.

After that, it’s just a matter of continuing to try to socialize them and show them that humans can indeed be trustworthy. And sometimes, you might be able to find help in doing so in the most unexpected place. 

This spicy kitten who was rescued and had a hard time trusting human, seems to have fallen in love with the resident cat.

Humans are difficult to trust when you don’t know anything about them, but having another cat trust humans – showing the kitten that example, can apparently be the solution to all their socializing troubles.


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