Meeting your grandchildren for the first time looks like a magical moment, and this dog mom sure seems to agree.

TikTok viewers can’t get enough of her joy as she meets her dog’s puppies for the very first time. She’s so proud of the new mama… and so in love with the little Maltipoo babies!

The mama dog can’t wait to show her owner, @melcoveyfranks, her little ones, and the way she introduces them is just the sweetest.

There’s so much love in one short video!


@melcoveyfranks So proud of my baby girl. 1st time I have ever been gone during delivery. #dogmomforever #maltipoo #maltipoobabies #dogloveforever ♬ A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

What a beautiful little family!

This new mama seems so happy to see her owner, and clearly, her owner is overjoyed, too.

Then again–who wouldn’t be in bliss in the presence of puppy perfection like this? 

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