This is one of those “outdoors” videos that actually takes place indoors, which is why you are about to read up on one of the most terrifying things that has ever happened in the history of bathrooms.

And speaking of the history of bathrooms, a snake being in the toilet would have been acceptable in the times of outhouses. But in the days of modern, indoor plumbing? No, that should not be happening.

I’m hoping that watching this won’t make you scared every time you go to the bathroom from here on out, but you’ll probably at least check the bowl before because as you’ll see in the video, sometimes nature is present when nature calls.

This clip shows the aftermath of a 12-foot python being discovered stuck in someone’s toilet. Somehow the thing had managed to get its way into the sewer pipes and up into this family’s bathroom, creating quite the scary scene.

The video’s caption states:

“The shocked housewife found the 12-foot long reptile rearing up just after she finished using the bathroom. A wildlife team was called to remove the snake after the terrifying serpent had lunged at the homeowner.”

Lunged at the homeowner? Oh hell no. At that point, I’d be wielding a plunger like it was the mighty hammer of Thor.

Who am I kidding? I would be running the opposite direction as quickly as possible and calling the authorities, which is exactly what this woman did.

Once responders got there to take care of the snake problem, it didn’t exactly come out easily:

“The reptile’s stomach is too big for the pipe, so they have to pull it from the other side with pipework dismantled.

This forces them to remove the entire toilet while the snake is still stuck in the pipe. Even when they have the whole toilet removed, they still have trouble freeing the snake.”

By the way, they are doing all this with the snake still alive. At first I figured that the workers just decided to “take care of it” just so they didn’t have to worry about their own safety, but nope, turns out its just alive and stuck the entire time.

I guess killing it would have been “inhumane,” but I feel like the rules should have some leniency when there is a 12-foot snake sticking a quarter of the way out of your toilet.

They eventually got it out and released it, that way it can find its way back into the sewer systems and up another poor soul’s porcelain throne.



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