It’s such a drag getting old! Especially if you are a dog who is in your golden years.

One of your favorite pastimes is getting all cozy and curling up for a nap and you aren’t about to let the annoying robotic vacuum get in your way! 

Check out the following clip posted by TikTok user @Sarahmeyers14 of her mom’s Chihuahua who won’t have the Roomba interrupt nap time!


@sarahmeyers14 My mom sent me this video 🥺 Geoff is the family dog and hes gettin pretty darn old🥺 #roomba #sharkvacuums #chihuahua #seniordog ♬ Oogum Boogum Song – Brenton Wood

Geoff is living his best life in his little pillow fort where the vacuum can’t annoy him! 

It’s always so special to see the innovative ways people care for their senior dogs in order to make them more happy and comfortable.

Our dogs are our babies, no matter how old they get, and we love keeping them as comfortable as possible for as long as possible.

Geoff’s mom totally deserves pet parent of the week for this one! 

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