Watching a stray dog become part of an adoring family is one of the most rewarding parts of working in animal rescue, even if the pet’s past was less-than ideal.

If you don’t believe us, take it from @lohmamaof4 who recently took in a precious stray Shih Tzu. The dog, who they named Ruthie, was likely dumped due to her medical issues. 

She hadn’t been outside for long when she was nearly hit by a car.

Luckily, her new foster mama came to her rescue.


@lohmamaof4 Ruthie was found in an area trash is dumped all the time. The vet said although she is underweight it isnt from being outside! She was not outside for long. She is posted on all kinds of missing dog groups & apps, community fb pages, nextdoor, pawboost, posted as found with the local shelter and still nothing. But the kicker? SHE IS MICROCHIPPED!!!!!! The owners were sent my information via calls, texts and emails over a week ago & still nothing. Now I totally understand that the information may not be updated and accurate. But you can bet your 🍑 if my dog went missing and my info was not up to date… I would be calling and updating it ASAP. If her owners did this they would find out that their dog was already found. So I really just don’t see many other excuses. ##lostdog##lostshihtzu##shihtzu##shihtzutok##dogsoftiktok##dogtok##founddog##shelters##microchipped##dumpeddog##neglecteddog##medicalneeds##animalabuse##animalneglect##vetcare##vetappt##eyeinfections##earinfections##neglect##dobetter ♬ Here – Tom Grennan

Poor Ruthie! She must’ve been so uncomfortable with her eyes crusted shut and her fur all matted, but her rescuer’s kindness has already made a major difference in her life.

The little Shih Tzu was loving being pampered during brushing time!

She’s completely transformed in just one week in Jes’s care, so it’s no wonder why viewers are rooting for them to stay together. Tons of commenters encouraged Jes to keep the stray pup permanently, though we don’t know whether that’s going to be the plan for sure.

If Ruthie’s forever home isn’t with this family, we know Jes will find her one where she’ll be just as loved as she is now. 

It’s heartbreaking to think that someone could abandon any animal, especially one as sweet and gentle as Ruthie. If her former owner truly couldn’t care for her medical issues, leaving the pup at an animal shelter or with a trusted rescue would have been safer for her.

We can only hope that sharing her story will help prevent similar instances from happening in the future. 

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