A strange sound coming from the attic prompted a homeowner in Scottsdale, Arizona, to investigate. He was shocked to discover a bobcat kitten hiding out upstairs, alone!

According to 3TV/CBS 5, the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) quickly arrived on the scene, ready to relocate the little feline to a safer place.

After assessing the situation, they determined that the bobcat must have gotten into the attic through a damaged part of the roof.

A baby bobcat was found in an attic and relocated.
Arizona Game & Fish/Twitter

Although the baby was safely dropped off at the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, officers from AZGFD still had one concern. Where was the kitten’s mother?

As it turns out, the answer was right under their noses. Later that day, they received another call from the same homeowner. This time, there was a bobcat in his bathroom!

AZGFD officers Groves and Sheer teamed up with Kim Carr of Southwest Wildlife to get the get the four-legged intruder out of the house. On Twitter, the Game and Fish Department reported that it can typically be quite risky to interact with a mother bobcat who’s been separated from her child.

They described the tense encounter, writing that they “were met with a pair of golden eyes peering out of the shower.”

A mother bobcat was found hiding out in the bathroom.
Arizona Game & Fish/Twitter

Thankfully, the capture went well. Officers were finally able to bring mother and baby back together before returning them both into the wild.

Footage of the release was posted on Twitter, where you can clearly see that the animals were excited to get back into their natural habitat. The post was tagged #NationalKittenDay, which was celebrated on July 10.

AZGFD also reported that, before their work was done, they thoroughly inspected the Scottsdale attic to make sure there weren’t any more surprises hiding up there!


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