Many of us don’t even remember learning to swim. It was just something we picked up as a kid and that was that. Our parents probably remember, but it feels more like second nature to you at this point.

In fact, many creatures just kind of pick it up without even thinking about it. Ducks, turtles, penguins, you get the picture.

Then there are creatures like dogs. Some dogs take to water and they are a natural. 

They gracefully doggy paddle around and they love it. Others however will hate the water and not go near. And then there are the inbetweeners.

Some of which love the water, but swimming might not be their forté. But as long as you’re there watching them and they’re having fun, let them live their best life. 

That is the story for Lexie the adorable pointy-eared doberman. This graceful breed looks majestic and even a little scary. She’s beautiful and she loves to swim.

The thing is… When she swims, she looks like the most adorable doofus. She doggy paddles like she has no control of her limbs, but she loves to do it.

Her mom takes her to shallow swimming holes to play fetch so she can get out her happy awkward paddles in a safe way. And she shares videos of it for all of us doggy lovers to enjoy.

It truly is magical. See for yourself below. 


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