Mitch White and his bachelor party were canoeing on the Minnesota River when one of the party attendees heard a bark.

They discovered a large Saint Bernard buried up to his neck in thick, heavy mud a few feet off the water. 

The party sprang into action and @WCCO and CBS News Minnesota posted the following amazing story to their Facebook page.

White was quoted as saying, “My fiancée, Kelly, probably won’t marry me if we don’t get this dog out of here [laughs]!’

They used their oars as shovels and dug for at least half an hour and called first responders to help free the buried dog who is named Ed. 

Carver Fire Department Capt. 6 Chad Rasuch was quoted as saying, “He didn’t have anything in him, he didn’t bark, he whimpered a little bit… he was probably pretty scared, but he’s a survivor obviously,” Rausch said.

“The poor guy didn’t have much longer in him… if they wouldn’t have seen the dog, there’s no way yeah he wouldn’t survive another day.”

What an amazing rescue and what an incredible story this couple will have to tell for years to come about what the husband did at his bachelor party! 

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