TikTok users cannot get over this dog’s response to her owner asking if she missed him.

Jared Davis of Toronto is convinced that his mini cockapoo named Luna understands his every word.

In the now-viral TikTok video, Jared asks, “Hey Luna, when mommy and daddy go out, do you miss us?” Luna looks at her human quizzically.

Jared digs deeper, “Because we miss you. Do you miss us?”

Luna appears to nod, but that isn’t enough for Jared, and he double-checks asking if that’s a “yes.”

Then comes the kicker: the pooch gestures and opens her mouth several times as if to say “yeah!”


@lunatheminicockapoo The head nod as she lays down… 🥺❤️ #dogsofttiktok #doglove #dogs #love #lunatheminicockapoo ♬ original sound – LunaTheMiniCockapoo

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