A cat named Marley has taken it upon himself to wake his human up. But the kitty’s method isn’t very sweet, and has millions of TikTokers laughing.

This rescue cat wakes up his human most mornings, and he’s got a few different methods.

Most of the time he wakes her up with soft nose nudges, meows, or by kneading her shoulders with his paws.

But as a now-viral TikTok video shows, the cat isn’t always so sweet in the morning. Sometimes he’s downright insistent – and even mean!

In the clip’s caption, his human writes, “Marley got creative waking me up today.”


@marleymalin Marley got creative waking me up today #catsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Marley

The hysterical TikTok shows how the cat’s attempts to rouse his owner become increasingly persistent. He begins by meowing and patting her nose with his paw.

But when his owner doesn’t budge, he decides to kiss and then chomp on her nose.

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