Sometimes all you need is a little cuddle to sleep comfortably.

That’s why so many people still sleep with a stuffed animal. This is no different for certain animals. An otter named Sakura is a big cuddler during naps, but it’s not a plushie that she loves snuggling up next to.

She always cuddles her best friend, an orange cat named Mochi. They adorably take naps together with Sakura wrapping her arms around her feline buddy to fall sleep.

The YouTube account ma ko has documented Mochi and Sakura’s unlikely friendship. In a now-viral video, we can see them getting ready to sleep, with the otter hugging the cat and letting out a big yawn.

It’s as if the cat’s soft fur doubles as a pillow, and it looks like Sakura loves playing the little spoon. Mochi doesn’t seem to mind the additional warmth Sakura provides, and they doze off together.

As adorable as their naps together are, they’re more than just cute little interactions. There are many odd couplings that love to play and run around together, but the fact that Sakura and Mochi love to snuggle side by side signifies they feel safe around one another.

On top of their bedtime snuggles, ma ko has also shared a cute video of Sakura looking for Mochi around the house, and looking joyful once she spots her kitty friend.

To see more of Sakura annd Mochi’s adventures together, check out ma ko’s YouTube channel.


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