After a woman named Zully Vasquez Ventura rescued a dog in Texas, she soon discovered the pup needed even more help than she realized.

Ventura explained that the dog was “just desperate.”

“I put her in my car and drove home so I could hold her and care for her.”

Once there, the emaciated four-legged friend was given something to drink and eat, but Nala, as Ventura later called her, still seemed worried.

To distract her a little, the rescuer gave her a bath, and while she was looking at the dog a little more closely, she finally realized what was going on.

Nala was producing milk, but where were her puppies?

In search of the babies, Ventura brought Nala back into her car to drive back to the spot she was found.

Once on the road, the Texas native says that the dog knew exactly where they needed to go.

“Her ears got really pointy, and her nose started moving a lot. She was sniffing for miles, [then] all the sudden she took [off] running,” Ventura explained.

Because Nala was running on a leash, she pulled her rescuer along with her until the two arrived at an abandoned house, where six sweet puppies were already eagerly waiting for their mom.

“I let go of the leash so she [could] reunite with her babies,” Ventura said. “I was in disbelief…I was so grateful they were still alive.”

Three of Nala’s puppies have already found their forever homes, while Nala and the three others are awaiting adoption in Houston.

Ventura shared Nala’s emotional story in a TikTok, which has since gone viral with nearly a million likes and over 8 million views.


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