If you’re looking to add a little laughter to your day, this is the perfect video for you. 

TikTok account @Tsaverich.Golden  just shared the most adorable video of a little boy being ‘attacked’ by dozens of golden retriever kisses and falling onto the floor in giggles.


@tsarevich.golden Replying to @tarabryn absolutely! #puppytiktok ♬ original sound – Kristine koroleva

The little boy’s glee was a viral sensation, earning the video over 5 million likes, proving that sometimes laughter and puppies are all it takes to lift people’s spirits.

Viewers weren’t shy to take to the comments section to let the creator know how much the child’s laughter had brightened their day.

One commenter asked, “Is this what heaven looks like?” and another added “This is how I want to go out. Hyperventilating from laughing so hard because of a Golden Retriever puppy stampede.”

Over eight thousand other commenters were quick to share how much the child’s laughter boosted their serotonin.

The Golden Retriever stampede didn’t seem to bother the kid at all, and he only giggled harder when it tackled him to the ground.

We just can’t get over the cuteness!

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