When we were growing up, our parents were always filming home videos with the bulky camcorder–and now we do the same for our pets (on our phone, of course).

We have plenty of memories from both sides of the viewfinder, so we can relate to this tiny kitten who just discovered the camera.

In fact, Salem the black kitten discovered himself in the camera!

The discovery happened while he was outdoors training with his owner Evy, and it’s simply priceless.

The duo shared the sweet moment on Evy’s TikTok, @balanceforpaws.


@balanceforpaws 😳 #kittentraining #cattraining #catleashadventures ♬ Oh my god what is that – Funny memes

LOL! This little ‘house panther’ nearly missed himself on screen at first, but once he noticed, he just had to explore.

We get it! We were curious kiddo ourselves, and we even had a habit of demanding that our parents to “let us see” by turning around the camera screen.

It’s just fascinating to look at a picture, video, or reflection and think, ‘that’s me,’ don’t you think?