There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than losing your beloved pet.

You scour neighborhoods in your car looking for sight of them, post on social media asking if anyone has seen them, and call your local animal shelter nonstop to see if someone brought them in. 

TikTok user @Northidahomade recently went through this harrowing experience with their senior dog, and thankfully this story has a happy ending. 

Everyone is so touched by this sweet reunion. 


@northidahomade 🥺😭 — after a full weekend of searching in a 2 mile perimeter — she was spotted in the last spot we would ever have thought to look #founddog #lostdog ♬ Here With Me – d4vd

@Extremelygrunted asks, “What happened to her head? I glanced through a ton of your videos to see if it was always there but couldn’t find any with the dog…”

The video creator replied, “It grew this weekend while she was lost. Maybe heat or stress?” They went on to explain, “It’s a newer growth — within the last 6 months. Sometimes it shrinks.”

Then it grows. We think it’s food/inflammation related.” We are sure now that she’s home she will probably visit the veterinarian. Becky replies, “She really wanted to come home. Happy you found her.” 

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