It’s heartbreaking to see animals abandoned.

Not only does a dog not understand why they’re living on the streets, but it’s a struggle out there for all those good girls and good boys.

Stories of a54dogs most often end in tragedy, but sometimes, for the luckiest of doggos, their story of being lost ends in a loving family, a full belly, and a couple bows on their ears. 

That is exactly what happened for Ms. Shiloh, a 4 month old puppy that a pair of sisters found in the woods. Starved, scared, and covered in ticks, things weren’t looking good for the young pup, until she was discovered by a couple of girls who could use one more female in the house.

After getting scooped up off of the forest floor, the girls cleaned up their new project pooch, took her to the vet, and integrated her into a house full of other dogs and family members that look like they’ll love Shiloh for the rest of her days. 


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